Insurance Services in Monroe Michigan

We offer a wide range of residential and commercial insurance products and services to customers throughout Monroe MI and the surrounding areas. Call 734-384-0974.

Business/Commercial InsuranceBusiness Insurance

Does your business need insurance? There are almost as many types of business insurance policies as there are businesses.  It’s a complex field, and we have the experience and expertise to help you successfully navigate the terrain.  Proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs, or larger corporations each have their own coverage requirements and our agents will show you customized options from which you can choose.  The nature of each business also dictates insurance needs.  Does your business produce a good or are you service-based – or both?  How many employees do you have on payroll?  Are you a seasonal company or full-year?  What transportation concerns impact your company?  The variables are nearly endless, and the last thing you need is an inexperienced agent or a faceless insurance carrier that doesn’t know you from ten-thousand other policy numbers on a computer screen. The Cuccia Insurance Agency knows our business clients, understands their concerns and designs coverage options that fully protect their livelihood while not crimping their bottom line.  Call 734-384-0974 today for a no-pressure no-obligation review of your business insurance needs today!

Auto InsuranceAuto Insurance

Do you need insurance for your car, truck or motorcycle? The Cuccia Insurance Agency provides a wide range of insurance policies and coverage options for any type of vehicle including car, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, RVs and more. We will walk you through the many different coverage options available including Liability Coverage, Collision Coverage, Comprehensive Coverage, Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and more! We will provide you the coverage you need to affordably protect all your autos, offering you price reductions for multiple vehicles and discounts available to many people but known to very few. Most people do not realize that they are either over-insured or under-insured.  While some make the argument that there’s no such thing as being over-insured, the fact of the matter is that if you’re paying premiums that are putting a pinch in your day-to-day quality of life for coverage that is way above the national average, this is your situation.  Of course, under-insured is not where you want to land either – not by a long shot.  Our experienced agents will examine each facet of your automotive profile – the type of vehicles, driving history, business versus personal use of the vehicle, average travel times, distances, and routes – to provide you the very best policy at the greatest value. You’ll be amazed at the savings!  Contact us today to get started.

Home InsuranceHomeowners Insurance

Looking for comprehensive homeowner’s insurance? Call us today! There are many different types of homes and the Cuccia Insurance Agency provides a policy for whatever type of home you need to protect.  The basic homeowner’s policy covers fire and smoke damage, lightning strikes, windstorms, theft, vandalism and numerous other areas that may cause home damage, but a broad homeowner policy is the most common instrument used.  The broad form expands on a basic policy to include coverage for falling objects, the weight of snow and ice, freezing of household systems, pipe damage and some other areas. We also offer policies for older homes, trailer homes, and comprehensive policies that offer the most wide-ranging protections available on the market.  Contact us today for your no-pressure no-obligation quote!

Renters InsuranceApartment

Renters insurance is among the most affordable of policies on the market today, providing fantastic value, and yet a good number of renters don’t take advantage of it.  Don’t be that person!  Agents at the Cuccia Insurance Agency will review rates with you that are so inexpensive, you’ll be covered in no time and you’ll hardly notice a ding in your monthly budget! Renters need their possessions covered just as much as homeowners do – and in some cases even more because they often are living areas with a lot of human traffic.  And we all know that where there are more people close to each other, there are more chances that issues may arise.  Renting is becoming a more popular option for many – for Millennials, for those whose employment moves them fairly frequently, for empty-nesters looking to downsize.  Fully protect yourself with an amazingly affordable renter’s policy!  Contact us today – in fact, at these rates, you’ll wonder why you didn’t contact us yesterday!

Life InsuranceLife Insurance

Are your family or loved ones covered if the unexpected happens to you? Let our experienced agents guide you through the process of identifying the right life insurance policy that will supply ample protection for your family but not keep you cash-strapped with high premiums.  Term life insurance is the most common instrument people opt for, but whole life provides a consistency that suits other people’s preferences.  Universal life is an increasingly popular choice due to its flexibility.  Universal policies allow the insured to increase or decrease death benefits and offer more choice in premium payment amounts and timeframes.  While each type of life policy has its benefits, every client’s particular circumstances – personal and professional – will dictate which option best suits them at this particular point in time.  Our experienced team will help you make this decision and will be there to monitor your insurance needs as you progress through the years.  Life changes and life insurance needs change.  Our seasoned agents will help make sure your changes are for the best.

Farm InsuranceFarm Insurance

Is your farm fully covered if the unexpected happens? Whether you are a large cultivator or a local grower, you need to make sure you are completely covered. We are dedicated to providing the agricultural coverage and services you need to keep your farm or ranch protected – so you can focus on maintaining a smooth operation. Every farm is different and our experienced insurance specialists will work with you to determine your individual needs and find a policy that best suits your farm or ranch. Contact us today for a quote.